What is the Foundation?

The Foundation is a national non governmental organization that solicits, receives, manages and disburses financial resources by means of grants and awards to agencies nation wide that serve the needs of elderly and infirm veterans of America’s armed forces.

What is the Foundation’s History?

The Foundation was founded in 1996 as a military related association undertaking, led by the Air Force Sergeants Association, Association of the United States Army, Fleet Reserve Association, Non Commissioned Officers Association and The Retired Enlisted Association. The years 1997-1999 were dedicated to building the Foundation’s infrastructure: legal documents and fund raising for capitalization requirements. Staffing and full operation of the Foundation then commenced in 2000. Since then, the Board of Directors has diversified to include a broader representation of the military, health care, and business communities.

Why was the Foundation established?

The demand for long-term care services among America’s veteran population is growing at a significant rate. Currently, more than 9.2 million veterans are aged 65 or older. This number will remain fairly constant through the year 2020. However, veterans aged 85 or older will grow to nearly 2 million. Many elderly veterans lack the financial resources necessary to sustain them in their final stages of life. A group of veterans’ organizations recognized the growing need to assist less fortunate elderly veterans with the opportunity to live out their lives in dignity. This goal required collaboration among the organizations and the result was establishing a foundation. The foundation provides the means for America to keep its covenant with veterans by means of a public-private partnership to combat the four enemies of the elderly: boredom, loneliness, helplessness and hopelessness.

How is the Foundation organized?

The Foundation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes and solely for the public welfare. It is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) and contributions to the Foundation are deductible under Sections 170(c)(2) and 2055(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

What does the Foundation do?

1. Plan, direct and implement all phases of fund raising activities.

2. Inform the general public of the educational, research, charitable and scientific purposes of the Foundation.

3. Make grants and awards to organizations that provide direct services to improve the Quality of Life for elderly and infirm veterans in long-term care.

4. Evaluate grants and awards as to their success at improving the support, dignity, and enjoyment of life for elderly and infirm veterans in long-term care.

5. Educate and inform the general public as to the conditions and needs of quality care for aging and chronically ill veterans requiring long-term care defined as domiciliary, nursing home and adult day care services.

What does the Foundation want to accomplish?

The Foundation seeks to prevent or lessen the burden of disability on older, frail, chronically ill veterans requiring long-term care defined as domiciliary, nursing home and adult day care services.